Sunday, August 9, 2009

Subjects This Semester

Now, I am a Part 3 student in Diploma in banking course. For this semester, I am taking seven subjects. Firstly, I am taking Fundamental of Islamic Economics (CTU 241). For this subject, we study about the introduction, concept, Methodology and research, history, and foundation of Islamic Economics. I hope I will learn about Islamic Economics. Secondly, is English for academic purposes (BEL 311). For this subject, we learn about how to do the outline, draft paper include first and final, writing an essay, speaking, how to do term paper, and more. I hope I will try to make improvement for my English language. Thirdly, for the tough subject have 3 subjects which are Macroeconomics (ECO 211), Fundamentals of Finance (FIN262), and Introduction to Statistics (QMT 216). For this Macroeconomics subject, we study about the economy from a broader perspective by considering its overall performance and the way the various sectors of the economy relate to one other and also aggregate economic activity. For the assessment, I should doing a folio and choose only one from five topics that had been given. And also, for this Fundamentals of Finance subject, we learn about how to make financial decision-making, financial concept, the most first impression is that finance is about money, money talks and also financial management. I had done many calculations in this subject. I will try my best on this subject. And then, for the Introduction to Statistics subject, we learn on how to a statistical skills, concepts, and thinking. And also, how to make business decisions neither based on data, not on personal opinion nor on belief, reduce guesswork. For the assessment, I should do a questionnaire and research based on data that I had done. This is a grouping assessment.
For the elective subjects, I am taking Arabic language as my third language. I learn how to write, speak, grammar, and many more. I also learn how to speak properly; besides can make an improvement on Quran reading. And, if later on I will make this language to communicate with the Arabian when I am in working sector. Besides that, for the curriculum activity, I am taking part in Red Crescent Society. From this society, I had learn many things especially about how to CPR, how to treat injuries, how to be a volunteer, and many more. So, for this semester, my society had plan many activity such as OPKIM which is social service, doing a visit at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, and also doing some adventure activity like going to National Park at Pahang. I hope will participate to this activity to get a new experience and knowledge.
For the overall timetable, I had classes every morning on 8.00a.m from Monday to Friday. During the morning classes, I think it is good for me to concentrate on study and will become a fast learner. I will try to pay attention to the lecturer. For me, evening classes will make us sleepier and cannot give full attention during the lecture time. I think morning classes were suitable to me and also make me more discipline to use the time wisely. And, try to teach me for being punctual and not too lazy to wake up in the morning. I hope I will feel peaceful when I was studying and easy to get a lecture.
Lastly, I hope I will enjoy to all my subjects that I was studying now and I hope I will do the best to all my subjects. That’s all.