Monday, October 26, 2009

My subject this semester 2….

Finally, l had finished our classes. I just have to prepare for final exam. I am so scared because I haven prepared anything even I not so good in every subjects. I hope I will try my best for this final exam. I also will try to study hard and struggle for all the subjects that I have to take which are BEL311, FIN262, CTU241, QMT 216 and ECO211.
On subjects BEL311, I hope this subject I will get much better than last semester. I hope I will remind all that Sir Izuan had teaches to us especially on how to do the proper term paper. I hope will do perfectly during the final exam. This subject will be exam on this Friday and wish me good luck and do all the best.
For the next subject, which is FIN262, I hope I will struggle for this subject because Miss Asma said to me I not too good in carry marks. So, she told me I have to struggle and try hard to have a better result. I hope I will try my best and not give up earlier. I know that I can do it better than before because I always being lazy. I know I still have time to study. I have to struggle do not give up that’s what I always said to myself.
For CTU241, this is subject about Islamic economics. Even, all my friends think that this subject is easy but I don’t think so we have to take it easy. I think we should not be confidence that we will get A’s, what had happened to me last semester I not get CTU151 in A’s. So, I have to study for this subject like Ustaz Kamarulzaman said that always study on past year exam question.
And then, for the QMT216, which is the subject that I always afraid because in my first test I get fail but for the test 2 finally I had pass. I so afraid at time but I had thank to Allah because I get a better marks. I hope our projects will help on our carry marks. I hope I will struggle for this subject. I will not give up I will try my best for the final exam.
Finally, ECO211, it is also a killer subject. Even, I got a better on carry marks. I don’t think so I will get a good result. I also have to study hard for this subject. I will not make it too easy for me. I will try my best for this final exam. I hope our lecturer Puan Zarina, will pray for us. I also have to sacrifice my time to study for this final exam. May Allah Bless me and all my friends.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What I love most about Hari Raya Aidilfitri…

Hari Raya…A happy day…the day that we’ve been waiting for after a month of fasting. What I love most about Raya is I can eat and eat lots of food like rendang, ketupat, lemang and all time favourite, lots of Raya cookies or kuih raya. Some more, I really appreciate the spirit of togetherness during Raya. Usually, we only get to meet our relatives during this festive season. I personally think it’s a wonderful day and we can celebrate together. Within these few years, I’m missing my grandmother that passed away couple years ago. I really miss those days where she will cook for us her special rendang, Rendang Itik. We miss her cooking and miss her so much…and we will not forget to visit her grave especially during Hari Raya…And of course this Raya season the best thing is “Duit Raya” and usually in my family tradition the one who is not working will get “Duit Raya”. That’s all I like about Hari Raya…..

Childhood Memories of Ramadhan...

Memories….it last forever…What I cannot forget about my childhood memories in Ramadhan is when I was in standard 2, I was taught by my mother to learn how to fast. But, once I’m at school there’s a friend of mine that influenced me to break fast. She has given me a sweet and she said its all right to eat. When I came back home, my mom ask me whether I’m still fasting and I didn’t answer but I said to her that a friend gave me sweets and I ate it at school and my friend said its all right to eat. Thank God, she just smiles and doesn’t scold me. She said its ok, but if we fast, we cannot eat. Then after that day, I’ll remember not to eat when I’m fasting. And of course, during Ramadhan, memories that I cannot forget is playing fire crackers with my cousins. Although I’m afraid but because when I saw my cousins play the fire crackers happily I’m eager to play it too….

My Favourite Cat

If talk about my favourite, I have a lot of favourite things. So, I’ll talk about my most favourite subject. Of course, it’s my beloved cat. Her name is Bella. She’s very cute and cuddly. She is so huggable. My family and I really love her. A lot!!! Actually, she was found by my mother around 1 year ago. When she came to my house for the first, she was very small and thin. But now, after 1 year past, she became a very fat and cute cat. For me, having pets will give her peace of mind and happiness to us. That’s what I can describe about Bella. She gives me peace of mind and sometimes if I’m sad I will hug her and I will feel better. Sometimes, I felt that she understands when I’m feeling sad. I think it’s amazing how pets can give us such peace. Love u a lot and always BELLA!!!!

My album

Hi Guys, just release my first album which I would love to call “Inspiration”. It contains variety of songs which the theme is “LOVE” of course….Lets check out the song titles :

1) Love
This song is all about love not just love between man and women but also love in universal perspective such as to God and family.

2) Shoulder To Cry On
Basically this song is about mother and daughter relationship. This song describe how the mother has made lots of sacrifices and the daughter never forget the hardships she’s done for her and always be there as a shoulder to cry on.

3) Rainbow In the Sky
This song is about hope and dreams if we work hard, we will have succeed in what we do and don’t loose hope in our dreams.

4) You and Me
Basically, this song is about love between a man and a woman and what else can we say, its all happy and good things.

10 facts about me….

N- Nice. I’m a nice person. I like to be nice to everybody. I know sometimes this attitude will lead people to take advantage…but what should I do? That’s my nature

U- Understanding. I like to help others and understand their problem and try to be there and be good listener.

R- Respect. I always respect others especially older people and will cherish their work.

A- Adorable. I like adorable and cute things like cats and cute things. Really love my cat…Bella!!!

T- Tolerate. I can tolerate and co-operate with other people and friends in a good way and really like to help my friends in need.

I- Interesting/ Inspiration. I love interesting activities like hiking and I really like to try new things. I really love adventure.

Q- Quarrel – I like to quarrel with my younger brother about all kind of things. But, although we quarrel a lot, I really love my brother…love u Luqman!!

A- Admire. I really admire people who can speak up their mind and willing to help each other without need to ask…

H- Humble. I’m a down to earth person.

S- Speak. I like to talk. A lot…I can talk for long hours and make people laugh…

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My beloved classmates

Hey guys!!!nice to meet all of you, even still new be one of your classmates I glad to see all of you!!!.

So, i would like to introduce all of you as my classmates for this semester, let me introduce the girls first...

1. Nurul Izzaty. She is a nice person. she always with sakinah. I think they are close. she staying at sector B hostel.

2. Nor Haslinasari. I call her Seri or Lina. she is a friendly and cute person. what I like about her is she always her gangs which are Liyana, Izzaty and Sakinah. Nice to meet you.

3. Nur Sakinah. She is also a nice person. she likes to give a smile to me. and, also she is good friends of Izzaty. I always see they together.

4. Liyana Atiqah. I called her Liyana. She is very talktive. She always helped me. what I like about her she like to help everyone in our class. She also like to ask the lecturer about the subject that she not understand.

5. Nor Hidayu. I called her Ayu. She is a nice person. She is very close to Izzati. She is staying at Sector B hostel. She is also like to smile.

6. Nor Izati. I called her Izzati. She is a nice person. She is very close to Ayu. She is staying same hostel with Ayu. She came from the same place with me. I also like to talk with her.

7. Fatimah. I called her Tim. She is very nice person. She is very close to me. She always helped me when I have a problem. What I like about her is she likes to laugh. She also a friendly person. And, I would like to say thank a lot Tim because you have give a lot of help to me.

8. Farawahida. I called her Fara. She is a nice person. I don't know so much about fara. I just know she came from Johor Bharu. And, she is very close to Amirah.

9. Siti Amirah. I called her Amirah. She had just tranferred from UiTm Kedah. What I like about her is she likes to smile. She is also very nice and friendly. She is very close with Fara.

For the boys, let me introduce all of you..

1. Jabbar. He lives in Tangkak. He stayed in Sempana Riau hostel. He is quiet person. I seldom talk to him. He always make our classmates to laugh at him.

2. Kocak. He lives in KL. He is very talktive to me because he is in the same speaking group with me. He is also a very nice person.

3. Hariz. I don't know about him because I still new. And, I seldom talk to him. I just know him from Tim.

4. Sabirin. I also don't about him because I still new in here. I even talk to him. Because he is very quiet person.

5. Adib. He lives in Selayang, Selangor. He is very close to Jabbar. I always met them together. He is staying same hostel with Jabbar. He always makes our class full with laugh because he likes to do free jokes.

6. Akmal. He lives in Johor Bharu. He is very nice person. He is very talktive to me. He is also very helpful. He likes about music especially in Nasyid. He is one of the nasyid group members in our UiTM, Johor.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Subjects This Semester

Now, I am a Part 3 student in Diploma in banking course. For this semester, I am taking seven subjects. Firstly, I am taking Fundamental of Islamic Economics (CTU 241). For this subject, we study about the introduction, concept, Methodology and research, history, and foundation of Islamic Economics. I hope I will learn about Islamic Economics. Secondly, is English for academic purposes (BEL 311). For this subject, we learn about how to do the outline, draft paper include first and final, writing an essay, speaking, how to do term paper, and more. I hope I will try to make improvement for my English language. Thirdly, for the tough subject have 3 subjects which are Macroeconomics (ECO 211), Fundamentals of Finance (FIN262), and Introduction to Statistics (QMT 216). For this Macroeconomics subject, we study about the economy from a broader perspective by considering its overall performance and the way the various sectors of the economy relate to one other and also aggregate economic activity. For the assessment, I should doing a folio and choose only one from five topics that had been given. And also, for this Fundamentals of Finance subject, we learn about how to make financial decision-making, financial concept, the most first impression is that finance is about money, money talks and also financial management. I had done many calculations in this subject. I will try my best on this subject. And then, for the Introduction to Statistics subject, we learn on how to a statistical skills, concepts, and thinking. And also, how to make business decisions neither based on data, not on personal opinion nor on belief, reduce guesswork. For the assessment, I should do a questionnaire and research based on data that I had done. This is a grouping assessment.
For the elective subjects, I am taking Arabic language as my third language. I learn how to write, speak, grammar, and many more. I also learn how to speak properly; besides can make an improvement on Quran reading. And, if later on I will make this language to communicate with the Arabian when I am in working sector. Besides that, for the curriculum activity, I am taking part in Red Crescent Society. From this society, I had learn many things especially about how to CPR, how to treat injuries, how to be a volunteer, and many more. So, for this semester, my society had plan many activity such as OPKIM which is social service, doing a visit at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, and also doing some adventure activity like going to National Park at Pahang. I hope will participate to this activity to get a new experience and knowledge.
For the overall timetable, I had classes every morning on 8.00a.m from Monday to Friday. During the morning classes, I think it is good for me to concentrate on study and will become a fast learner. I will try to pay attention to the lecturer. For me, evening classes will make us sleepier and cannot give full attention during the lecture time. I think morning classes were suitable to me and also make me more discipline to use the time wisely. And, try to teach me for being punctual and not too lazy to wake up in the morning. I hope I will feel peaceful when I was studying and easy to get a lecture.
Lastly, I hope I will enjoy to all my subjects that I was studying now and I hope I will do the best to all my subjects. That’s all.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Being a Senior

First of all, when we are in university life, we will have an experience become a senior. So, I also have this experience even I still a Part 3 student from banking course in UiTM, Segamat. I think as a senior I hope I will treat a junior as my friends. I will not angry with them because they are still new in here. I hope I will try to help them especially in education. Not only that, I also like to share my experience as a student and not try to bully them because this will not show our attitude as a university student. All my senior had treat me nicely and they also sacrifice their time to teach me about studies. And also, as a senior I think I also had many experience to share with them. And, I would like to give a moral support to them to do all the best for their studies and make their think about the future especially for their family. I hope they will enjoy their university life nicely and try to have many experience. Lastly, I hope they will not be shy to talk to senior and become one of their friends.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Roommates

In university life, we need to stay in the hostel because all of us prefer to stay here. They think it easy for them to study together, to find friends and save our money. So, I also stayed in hostel at Baiduri College. My room number is B113 at level 1. In my room, I have three roommates. They are two seniors from Part 6 and one junior from Part 3. My first roommate whom I called her ‘Kak Aien’ is a Part 6 student. She is taking Diploma in Information Management. Her name is Siti Nurul Syahrain binti Abdul Jabar. She is 21 years old. She was born on 18 February 1988 in Batu Pahat, Johor. Her zodiac is Aquarius. She is the eldest daughter from seven siblings. She is a friendly person. Her hobbies are reading novels and also watching a Korean Dramas. Her favourite food is Chicken Rice. And, her favourite drinks are soy bean and lime juice. She also interested in adventure activities such as camping and jungle tracking. Her ambition is she wants to open a business. She also a best student, she got dean’s list every semester except in Part 2.

My second roommate is also a Part 6 student. She is also taking Diploma in Information Management. She is also a ‘Kak Aien’ classmate. I called her ‘Kak Jiha’. Her name is Siti Najiha binti Ahmad. She is 21 years old. She was born on 10 February 1988 in Muar, Johor. Her zodiac is Aquarius. She is a fourth from six siblings. She is a quiet person. Her hobbies are drawing, reading novels, and comics. Her favourite food is ‘Mee Bandung’. And her favourite drink is Orange Juice. She also interested in travelling. Her ambition are she wants to be a landscape designer and teacher.

My third roommate is a Part 3 student. She also taking in Diploma in Information Management. I called her ‘Yaya’. Her name is Nurul Nadiah binti Abdul Rashid. She was born on 22Nd June 1990 in Hospital Besar Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang. She was lived in Shah Alam. Her zodiac is Cancer. She is the youngest sister from 5 siblings. She is a happy go lucky and clumsy person. Her hobbies are watching television and surfing Internet. Her favourite food is ‘Gulai Lemak Ketam’ and her favourite drink is coke light. She also interested in window shopping. Her ambition is she wants to be a Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Because of all my roommates are from DIIM course, one of roommate who is Yaya said that their course is interesting but sometimes its quick difficult because they should have to memorize their subject. Finally, I hope I will feel more comfortable to stay here with them for this semester. I hope they will share their interest with me and accept me as their friends. And, also I hope my two roommates; ‘Kak Aein’ and ‘Kak Jiha’ will graduate next semester. That’s all about my roommates.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

About Me

My name is Nuratiqah binti Suhaimi. I am 19 years old. I was born on 18 October 1990 in Klang, Selangor. My zodiac is Libra. I am studying in UiTM, Segamat. I am taking Diploma in Banking. I am a part 3 student. I stayed in hostel at Baiduri College. Besides that, I choose this Banking Course because I like to learn more about Economics, Business and Accounting. My ambition is I want to be a successful woman and have my own career in the future.

I also interested to have a new experience. I hope I will have a new experience at UiTM, Segamat because I just came here. I just transferred from UiTM Samarahan. Even though, I am a homesick person I hope I will get along at this campus to finish my studies. I also want to improve my study especially in English Language. I hope I will do the best for this semester.

Furthermore, I have many hobbies. I like listening to music, reading novels, chatting with my friends and also I like to go window shopping with my family when I come back to my hometown. I really like watching Korean and Taiwan dramas such as Full House, Devil Beside Me and many more. My favourite actor is Robert Pattinson because he is very handsome guy. I also love Taiwanese actress, Raine Yang because she is very cute.

My favourite food is my Mom's cooking and my favourite drink is Iced Lemon Tea. I really like to eat Ice Cream and chocolate.

I hope that everyone who view my blog will have the same interest and hobbies as I am. So, I hope we can share together. This is my life and I really love my life.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hi Guys....
My name is Nuratiqah binti Suhaimi...
My nickname is Tiqa..
I was born on 18 october Klang, Selangor...
I'm studying in UiTM, Segamat...I just transfer from Sarawak..