Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Favourite Cat

If talk about my favourite, I have a lot of favourite things. So, I’ll talk about my most favourite subject. Of course, it’s my beloved cat. Her name is Bella. She’s very cute and cuddly. She is so huggable. My family and I really love her. A lot!!! Actually, she was found by my mother around 1 year ago. When she came to my house for the first, she was very small and thin. But now, after 1 year past, she became a very fat and cute cat. For me, having pets will give her peace of mind and happiness to us. That’s what I can describe about Bella. She gives me peace of mind and sometimes if I’m sad I will hug her and I will feel better. Sometimes, I felt that she understands when I’m feeling sad. I think it’s amazing how pets can give us such peace. Love u a lot and always BELLA!!!!

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