Sunday, October 25, 2009

My album

Hi Guys, just release my first album which I would love to call “Inspiration”. It contains variety of songs which the theme is “LOVE” of course….Lets check out the song titles :

1) Love
This song is all about love not just love between man and women but also love in universal perspective such as to God and family.

2) Shoulder To Cry On
Basically this song is about mother and daughter relationship. This song describe how the mother has made lots of sacrifices and the daughter never forget the hardships she’s done for her and always be there as a shoulder to cry on.

3) Rainbow In the Sky
This song is about hope and dreams if we work hard, we will have succeed in what we do and don’t loose hope in our dreams.

4) You and Me
Basically, this song is about love between a man and a woman and what else can we say, its all happy and good things.

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