Sunday, October 25, 2009

Childhood Memories of Ramadhan...

Memories….it last forever…What I cannot forget about my childhood memories in Ramadhan is when I was in standard 2, I was taught by my mother to learn how to fast. But, once I’m at school there’s a friend of mine that influenced me to break fast. She has given me a sweet and she said its all right to eat. When I came back home, my mom ask me whether I’m still fasting and I didn’t answer but I said to her that a friend gave me sweets and I ate it at school and my friend said its all right to eat. Thank God, she just smiles and doesn’t scold me. She said its ok, but if we fast, we cannot eat. Then after that day, I’ll remember not to eat when I’m fasting. And of course, during Ramadhan, memories that I cannot forget is playing fire crackers with my cousins. Although I’m afraid but because when I saw my cousins play the fire crackers happily I’m eager to play it too….

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