Sunday, October 25, 2009

10 facts about me….

N- Nice. I’m a nice person. I like to be nice to everybody. I know sometimes this attitude will lead people to take advantage…but what should I do? That’s my nature

U- Understanding. I like to help others and understand their problem and try to be there and be good listener.

R- Respect. I always respect others especially older people and will cherish their work.

A- Adorable. I like adorable and cute things like cats and cute things. Really love my cat…Bella!!!

T- Tolerate. I can tolerate and co-operate with other people and friends in a good way and really like to help my friends in need.

I- Interesting/ Inspiration. I love interesting activities like hiking and I really like to try new things. I really love adventure.

Q- Quarrel – I like to quarrel with my younger brother about all kind of things. But, although we quarrel a lot, I really love my brother…love u Luqman!!

A- Admire. I really admire people who can speak up their mind and willing to help each other without need to ask…

H- Humble. I’m a down to earth person.

S- Speak. I like to talk. A lot…I can talk for long hours and make people laugh…

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